Vine Cafe by FNS


If you’re looking for an underrated spot, Vine Cafe in Pasig is a hidden gem! The cutesy interior gives you the homey feels as if you’re just spending a day with your friends at home, perfect for a private bonding with anyone you wanna spend time with.

That selfie-worthy place is perfect for students who love to hang out with their friends on their spare time, why? Scroll up for their jaw-dropping student-priced-menu! (literally)

The place has a cool and artsy ambience from tables that has an art work each to curated flower shaped library (where you can read all the books any time you want) and of course, their nice and friendly staff. There’s nothing left but good vibes.

For someone like me, maybe this could be a secret place to indulge all the comfort food I need without breaking the bank and still staying inspired.

Come visit!


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