School isn’t about everything

Rejection is a win. In the long run, yes.

It’s frustrating how that one #lifegoal everyone has been dreaming of could be in the palm of my hands yet I still lost it.

My biggest heartbreak yet: failing in school

I know I know. There are a lot of people out there who weren’t in school either, and most people stayed longer in college.

Growing up as an achiever, my family have always expected me to be the best rather than me being human. Which made me also expect myself to be on top, always. College slapped me the fact that I’m no good at all and that I never amount to anything. It make me feel like I’ve lost all the golden years I’ve worked so hard for my standing.

But in reality, I’ve come to realize that my diploma doesn’t define who I am today and what I’ve been through. Too cliche as it sounds but experience really taught me a lot better more than my whole years of education.

Here are a few thoughts I learned to remind you why you shouldn’t stress if you’re seemingly overlooked:

Everything happens for a reason

I spent months crying over my grades which did nothing to me at all in my present life. Back then, my college degree was my greatest priority and little did I know that God has destined me into something else. Without my failures, I wouldn’t have learned all these life lessons. I was forced to work because my parents raged too much unto my failures. Back then, my anger emotions are up and high as well. I couldn’t understand everything and nobody understood me either. Hell yeah look at me now, working my ass off on four jobs at a time (and counting). How would I ever master the art of multi-working without that terrible experience, eh?

Even if you don’t think it now, in hindsight, you’ll realize that you need to undergo that dreadful event or a heavy decision for a better outcome. There are a lot of opportunities around, and just because you failed once doesn’t stop you from pursuing another.

Be you

You went out on a limb, and they just don’t understand you — probably because you’re the nonconformist type, and maybe they’re the following type. Nobody gets you, and that’s completely fine. No one else knows your story except you and people just don’t realize you are so much more than what you show them. There’s no better role you have in your life than being yourself.

You don’t need validation

We all have this phase in life when we literally depend our decision, current situation to whatever people think about us that we forgot we are the ones in control of it. One of my biggest mistakes was I let my life be controlled by anyone else that I forgot I’m worthy enough as myself already.

Success is the best revenge

Who cares if your  blockmate graduated on time with flying colors and you there, still uhm, spending school allowance after xxx years? Slap them with what you’ll become not what you currently are.

Prove to that professor who deemed you unworthy, boss who looks at you as inferior or your parent you can’t satisfy that they need to eat their words.

Success stories commonly involve being rejected, refused and failed a chance, yet they went against the opinions of others and triumphed to become successful.

Cheer up and share your thoughts and stories below!


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