No 9 to 5

Photo by: Klyde Jarabelo

Posts about people quitting their corporate life have spawned. Reasons usually include following their dreams like Traveling, escaping the city or maybe just pursuing their passion. Whatever it is, I’m proud to say I’m one of them.

I’ll never be ashamed to say that I NEVER had any legit jobs before. I’m a proud Freelance, as they say. Although I’ve worked in an office setting for a few times yet all of them are project-based.

Whatever you have read in those post telling you to quit your 9 to 5 for a passion is something on your prerogative. The final decision will still be up to you. Of course you have to consider if you are really passionate about it, if you’re willing to give up financial assurance, can still manage to sustain your lifestyle and willing to take risks because I tell you, this won’t be a smooth sail.

But hey, I’m not saying Freelancers are poor because in reality, they are actually richer (again, this is just they way I see it). Imagine how they manage to sustain their financial needs and their lifestyle without expecting a fixed salary every month? What I like about this however, is the fact that you control how much you earn. You work hard, you earn big. You’re lazy af today, you earn a few. And this is the formula in Freelance. The more projects, tasks or hours you can work on, the more chances of getting a lump sum. Though the challenge is, since most of these are seasonal and project-based, is the hunt of acquiring new projects every now and then. And now you Freelance-shame us as if we’re nothing compared to you? Nah.

In this blogpost, I am not, in anyway, trying to convince every office worker to quit. However, this is my way of comforting Freelancers like me that everything is going to be okay.



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