MyCure for your cure

As you may all know, I’ve attended the last Blogapalooza event on November 5, 2016 where most of my Davao Bloggers fam flew, and of course who am I to say no?

It was a beneficial event for both established and growing bloggers to meet and be informed about the latest and coolest local brands and apps out in the market.

I’ve met a lot of brands but only a few made a unique mark on my head, of them is the MyCure App.

I don’t usually visit the doctor (though I’m sickly haha) which makes me think, does my record still exist? Of course it does. But imagine them digging for my files and me trying to remember when was my last visit? Such a hassle.

Now that’s what MyCure App is for, keeping your records safe for you and your doctor’s convenience. It includes all your health documents plus it works offline too! True as the brand say, it’s your medicine cabinet in your pocket!


Now what’s more convenient than that?

The Doctor’s app has already launched and the Patients’ app will be out soon. I can’t wait to get my hands for this, how about you?


Comment down below what you guys think!


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