LaBoracay 2017

Alas! The retired party animal in me got so stoked about this trip. And I know you did as well, as you open this link.

Bet you reckon this annual event sounded like a cliche already or are we already too old for this

But hey, we don’t we give our serotonins a second chance? Let’s break down the whole expedition shall we? Click the video above for a summary of Boracay, partying, underrated spots and everything else in between. Or you can simply read down below for some tidbits of information I did my best to supply.

As you all know, plane fares are in their highest prices during this season. But hey, we’ll give you not just one, but two travel options that cut the cost by giving up those flights.

Best part of you reading this? You never knew there was a ride to Boracay from Manila by sea. Or somehow you did but eventually need someone to make you feel what it really is. Hoping that someone could be me.

By Sea

via 2go Travel

Destination: Batangas – Caticlan (that’s amazingly direct to the main jetty port)

Traveling time: 10 hours approx (not bad, I guess. Still counts as less than a day)

Cost: Economy = Php 1200; Tourist Class = Php 1500. 5x cheaper than regular plane tickets (based on flights booked a week before)

Booking experience: No it doesn’t fluctuate. Tickets posted online are sold out 1-2 days before but there was a huge number of people falling in line on the day itself to buy tickets. Mind to walk-in? Why not?

Downsides: Find something to do while you’re in the middle of the ocean. That’s a rough estimate of 10 hours without internet, you millenials!

By Land

I remember YOLO-ing and not thinking about my return ticket (coz I’m an optimistic person like that lol) but hey, it pays to be positive. There are really more ways!

via Ceres Bus Liner

Destination:  Caticlan – Cubao/ Alabang/ Batangas

Caticlan: Montenegro Lines (Roro) 4pm

Roxas: Arrival 10pm, bus aboard and travel by land

Calapan: Arrival by 12am, aboard on Starlite Ferries

Batangas: 4am arrival aboard on bus

Cubao: 6am arrival

Traveling time: 14 hours++

Cost: Php 1250, still 5x cheaper than airplane tickets

Booking experience: Fixed price as well and walk-ins are preferred.

If you’ve got heavy bags that you don’t want to keep carrying, they would suggest you to keep them in their storage under. However, we weren’t aware that we have to pay an additional Php 50 for every bag.

Hence the whole experience was tiring because you can’t fully rest during the entire trip because it involves a lot of transferring from one transportation to another.

I guess these are some of the details and bits of information I am more than willing to share to you. So just in case you are out of budget, left by a plane or simply just not in a rush, these could be your options. Feel free to comment down below if you have questions and enjoy watching my video!


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      Hoy I don’t go out na. Ask Klyde. I went out last week coz we met an old friend and the next day sobrang sakit ng katawan ko. Lol

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