It Girl

The first and the last person that body shames you is yourself.

Photos by: Klyde Jarabelo

Shamefully posting these photos coz I’m finally embracing this body I’m currently in. (Though I still diet and do a little exercise) I’ve came to realize that no matter what I do, this is my body shape, and I must be the first one to love it.

And yes, that includes my red marks in my tumtum due to excessive use of binder + overlapping it with corset (that’s two layers of no breathing!!!), one of the few crazy things I did just to be skinny.

But hey, skinny isn’t sexy; being healthy is. Admittedly blaming Instagram’s explore page for all of my insecurities, my project skinny activities all boils down into one main purpose: to look good in photos. Who doesn’t want to wear whatever they like without thinking about their flaws and flabs?

But most often than not, that equates of me NOT EATING AT ALL for the sake of attaining that body I’ve been wanting to have. It’s crazy how my obsession goes a long way like this. As I continue to scrolling the explore page, I’ve noticed a very small detail: we are all imperfectly great after all.

I’ve known some very skinny people in person who were not as sexy as they look in photos, I’ve also known curvy girls who flaunt their way out of their feed. How could that be possible? 1. Know your angle: I’m pretty sure most of you are already aware of your flaws and best assets. Flaunt your best asset, may it be your lower or upper body. 2. My curves are sexier than the skinny ones. So this is what I notice, I may not be as thin as them but hey, the photo can be zoomed/ unzoomed so size can clearly be adjustable!

No matter what body type, body shape you currently have, stay healthy and continue to embrace it. You don’t know how other people struggle just to have something like yours, appetite like yours or health as yours. Just because they’re skinny doesn’t mean they don’t have eating problems, just because they’re fat doesn’t mean they don’t have the right to wear nice clothes.


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