How moving away from home taught me life lessons

Photo by: Klyde Jarabelo

For more than two years, I’ve been debating with my head of why I decided to move to a different city. Not because I think I changed my mind but just looking for a sufficient reason to remind myself.

I wouldn’t deny the fact that I have doubted myself countless times, if my dreams are still worth pursuing or if I can still survive.

Today, as me and my housemate Aiah decided to commute upon going home, the emotional hormones in us have sprout theories of why are we even here.

Relax, I won’t bombard you with listicles again. Listen up coz I just wanna rant. Lol

As I’ve always mentioned, life here has never been easy – especially when you live alone and pay for everything. One of the few comforts we gave up is our transportation. We all knew Manila’s traffic is one big hell. Lucky those who only have an hour ride considering it is the shortest. When you have read my previous post here, I’ve mentioned a few dibs of how my life have been through here.

I’ve always thought I was the only princess who left her castle. But then I finally found my flock that shared the same sentiments with me. Like me, they had to give up the life that they already had in search for something better.

Paths may always be in rough roads and some haven’t reached their destinations yet but hey, we’ve made it this far!

As we do our regular routine, we oversee our success and we tend to only see the struggles that we are in. Yet the people outside our world look at us in a bigger perspective. Unaware of the little details that happened our way, they only see the before and after effect in us. Which is honestly great, yes. My friends and family outside Manila (or should I say the people I don’t spend my time everyday with) are the ones who appreciate us the most. They are my constant reminders that hey, I’m not a loser after all haha

I earn big, have higher expenses and less savings. But I’ve got a wide scope of experience both in career and self-development. I’ve learned to live away from the comforts of the people who can support me in order to teach myself that I, myself can be responsible enough to provide my own needs.

Living a mantra of no regrets, I would still choose my decision of moving away. Imagine how far can you go if you risk? I could have just stayed at home after my college degree, eat and sleep all day and then one day your dreams will knock on your door asking you to choose it over the comfort you already have. Which one are you willing to sacrifice?

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