Fullmoon PH

As promised, I will be posting my Full Moon experience in Puerto Galera without any fee.

Unless I’m asked, I don’t usually post parties here and in my previous blog as you notice.
But Full Moon PH will always be an exception. The reason why is simple: it’s the best yet.

If you know me too well, I’m an avid fan of music fests especially if it consists of my favorite DJs around the globe.  I would normally save up for the upcoming events (because ticket prices are no joke) but thank God I’m lucky enough that I always end up being loved by either the event organizers, brand advertisers or simply paid by my supportive friends.

This time last year, happened one of the most famous local music fests in the country that annually invites international DJs. However, the lola in me kind of outgrew the same old faces we will get to beso when we get there. So what we did? We attended a different, non-mainstream rave party, in search of a new environment, new people to meet.


No offense to my previous sponsors, henceforth, this is my best experience, yet! And I hope you all should consider this a
benchmark. I’ll discuss it below one by one (as far as I can remember the details) of why you should attend Full Moon PH.

Food stalls, games and activities etc everything a typical music fest can think of an incoming generating manifesto will
always be there. During Full Moon, I’m glad to see the girls with their flower crowns on and the crowd with their painted
faces. One would normally ask, where did everyone got those (because I’m ready to buy) or why did I never think of bringing
those. But hey, those are all for free in Full Moon. I went around to check if this is some kind of DIY area where you get to
paint your own but whoah, they had even hired real artists! It’s like an appetizer before the main dish.

VIP Area
Commonly, VIP areas in Philippine rave parties are either in left or right, elevated from the moshpit crowd, access to
private comfort rooms, and sometimes it comes with a free bottle/ table etc. Since Fullmoon PH is held in a resort, surprise!
The VIP area would be in the… swimming pool! Aside from the free bottle and table consumable, imagine the freedom of
swimming in the pool minus the huge number of crowd? One of a kind.

Are you also like us who kind of “memorized” the common faces of these party goers in the metro? Try Full Moon PH and it makes you feel like you’re outside Philippines! Fresh new faces plus friendly locals that ignites that party animal in you, why not?

To cap off the night of course, are these great international DJs playing house music everyone groves beats into.

Fire and Pole dancers
You can’t call it a beach party without drooling over these dancing fiery abs. Should I be amazed in the performance, the fire activity or those dancers’ hot bod. My eyes were sold.

Raise your hands up to those who wants a complete rave and relaxation. This beach party is like no other. It’s not as loud as Bora since Puerto Galera is an underrated beach getaway so imagine partying in that secluded and non-mainstream island that gives you no hassle in a short span of drive from the big city!

Now I can’t help but tell you a not-so-little secrets because guys, Fullmoon PH will not only be having one, not even two but three and more events lined up this year!

Initial dates announced below:

Check out their FB & IG as well

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