Is Cham Tanteras your full name?

No. I’m Mariel Charmaine Genova Tanteras. But I’m not comfortable hearing that

sooooo, my parents made it shorter 🙂

   Are you a Japanese? Korean? Chinese?

I’m an African :))

   How old are you?

I’m twenTEEn three 🙂

  When is your birthday?

September 06

   Where did you study?

Ateneo de Davao University

   What course?

Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication 🙂

   What is your height and how much do you weigh?

I stand 5 feet and 2 inches and I’m only ranging from 45-50 kg only 🙁

   What is your shoe size?

I’m 37 in Asian sizing 🙂


You had bangs before but have zero pimples. What did you do? What’s your secret?

First, I used PONDS clear solutions anti-bacterial scrub (the green one) but now I’m using their new product: Ponds clear balance oil control skin mattifying foam (the blue one). It depends on your skin type though.

-After college when I started working already, I had pimples again and this time, I used St. Ives Green Tea Facial Cleanser and trust me, it worked for everyone I recommend.

What lotion do you use?

I am not a lotion-kind-of-person except if I can remember applying it. Haha! Anyway, my Marks&Spencer 250ml lotion already reached a year! Haha!


Where do you usually shop for clothes?

I am NOT a brand conscious person (And I hate to be one) that’s why I love thrifted items. As you can see most of my outfits and accessories are all thrifted or handsewn because when I’m already desperate to have an item and seems nowhere to find it, I make it.

Where do you usually shop for shoes/ heels?

Oh, this time, I can’t make my own shoes. Haha! Again, I find thrifted shoes or save up for online/ asian shoes on the web. If desperate, I contact any factory in Marikina to make my own design 🙂

How do you make your own clothes?

Do I need to demonstrate it here? Haha

DISCLAIMER: I dunno how to use a using machine so I hand sew everything!


Who’s your photographer?

It used to be my ex before; but now, whoever holds my camera immediately becomes part of my photos.

What cam and lens are you using?

Gab used his NIKON D7000 and his 55-105mm lens 🙂 and I sometimes use my NIKON D3100.

Will be entertaining more questions soon! Keep asking!