Embrace the Unkown


Once an extreme planner, I do even cry once my structured plans don’t go on my way, not until I’ve appreciated the beauty of spontaneity.















Meet homie, Aiah.

In our whole lives, we grew up and were taught that we have to decide on a college to attend, pick a major, make a career out of it, be in a perfect relationship to get married and a fulfilling life you’re happy to live. Gah, didn’t knew we wake up everyday to formulate endless decisions!

But panic starts when you think that you never amount to anything. And it starts to sink in, why do I have to be so sure about every aspect of life?  Who said I have to have everything planned out perfectly?

Maybe somewhere along the way, it dawned on me that I have a dream worth following and I seem to forget  that life has no handbook at all. I was settling on the routinely side of life where I work all week, drink on weekends and repeat. I am merely expecting my earnings regularly but I don’t have any idea on what to do with it. I stress out and plan every aspect of my future that lead me to frustration whenever the plan doesn’t succeed, something that made me unsatisfied along the way. I get so set in the same routine, I tend to forget there’s more to life and this world than the four walls of my comfort zone.

Until the day came that I’ve decided to move to a new city without any accommodation yet, not even a job offer. I was just focused on following my dream. I’ve decided to step out of my daily routine and discover what life has to offer. The whole experience was admittedly a roller coaster ride but in the end, it was hella great. This way, I’ve appreciated how life molded me to who I am today. It taught me how to live one day at a time.

Being uncertain taught me to experience everything that comes my way. I began to realize that the more I control my life, the greater chances that I would miss out on the spontaneous, memorable aspects of it. Who made up the rules anyway?

I hope you guys don’t realize this as late as I did. Don’t cloud your mind with doubt. Go out and free yourself to experience the world around you. The point of having a life is to try new things and embrace uncertainty.  Stop wasting time stressing too much about the future. Life is bound to happen whether you decide or not. Try something you’ve never done, be indecisive and curious. But most importantly, be happy in everything you do.



Photos by: Klyde Jarabelo


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