Eat Street in Makati

Who else kept craving the fun in food parks like me?

For people who live away from the North, it’s kinda hard.

But hey, isn’t the new one in Makati such a blessing?

With the fact that the country is cray cray for Basketball, this food park is strategically located beside a Basketball court. How cool is that? This place clearly shows the typical Filipino’s innate love for sport and food.

What I found interesting in this place is their unity to aesthetically curate stalls to complement each other without sacrificing individuality, uniqueness and brand identity.

In casual terms, let me take your around the world, shall we?

First stop: Japan

Little Kodo is managed by a Filipina woman together with her Japanese husband. No wonder the authenticity of the dish is evidently present. Where to find Takoyaki, Ramen and Okonomiyaki that’s cheap and quick? Here.

Second stop: China

Shankee Buns is proud of their Filipino-American fusion of cuapao (siopao grab-a-bite). Burger in the inside, and Chinese bun outside good for sharing! Shang is actually the owner’s name and Kee means trademark. What a grub of history!

Third stop: Global

When I say Global, I meant around the world with only one main ingredient. How could that be possible?? Longga-niche-ah just did.

Longganisa, a famous Filipino delicacy (Filipino Sausage) goes around the world as they explore variants like Salisbury Longga, Teriyaki Longga, Crunchy Pancit Longga and the like. It’s like traveling the world by just eating one Filipino food. I’ve never been a fan of sausages but I think I just made myself one.

Fourth stop: Drink break, okay?

Brother’s Blends is in charge of our tummy bloating needs. Nah, just kidding.

Owned by two brothers who had a passion for healthier options while devoting themselves in helping our local farmers by sourcing out local farm-to-table ingredients. Their best sellers include the Ashitaba Fro-yo, Thai-Fil coconut ice cream and Cold pressed juices with their respective nutritional tags.

Fifth stop: American palate

Burgers Meet Wings finally made all the American food lovers happy in one stop. They ended your cravings in one menu. Plus they come in different colors too! Look at that Blue burger with blue cheese and Grilled Chicken Pink burger matched perfectly with their Blue Raspberry & Strawberry slushie. So IG worthy!!!

Sixth stop: Korea

No need to fly to the streets of Myeongdong because RJ’s Bowl-gogi already satisfies you in cheaper way. They’ve got huge options for my all time favorite Oppa-flavors like chapchae, crispy fried shitake mushrooms, etc

Go book your ticket to Buendia for your cravings!

Last stop: Europe

Who says no to cheese? No one.

In Keso Kumpadre, one can feel the cheese overflowing your tastebuds from their pizza fries, poutin, steak fries etc and their cutest drinks in ziplocs for only Php 60!

Need I say more?

Now I’m blaming you guys that I’m now booking a cab going to Buendia upon writing this lol

I hope you’ll enjoy as much as I did. Til then! *tummy growls


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