Cafe Barbera launches in Manila



One of Europe’s oldest coffee company is finally brewing in Metro Manila! Their tradition of serving great coffee and fresh pastry have already been 147 years and counting. So heads up sleepy heads, pretty sure your day won’t be complete without an espresso shot or two in this Italian atmosphere right in the middle of the big city.

The chain is strategically opened its first branch  in Uptown Parade BGC where the crowd gets busy at around almost 24/7!

Cafe Barbera stays true to its pledge. They refuse to adapt using coffee machines. Instead, beans were hand roasted in Naples and shipped everywhere in the world, enabling the aroma and the flavor remaining in every sip.

I also love how the brand is standardized in terms of their food menu, decor, wood etc. I’m a huge wood fan so the homey and romantic feels of the place is a big plus to me! Looks like I wouldn’t mind staying longer. Who else are coming with me?


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