24 reasons I found in 24 years

I blinked and now I’m twenty four

I woke up one morning, just a few days before I turn a year older, doing my usual routine – overthinking all the things life throws at me.
The whys and hows started to flash through. The years after college have been rude to us. Nobody likes us anymore, even our life. But we need to recover. Some made it, some don’t.
Here are the 24 reasons I’ve learned from all my whys and hows in twenty four years.
Take these as pieces of advice from me
1. You’re free to say no
Set your boundaries. While saying yes to everything feels such an achievement as a young adult, believe me saying no satisfies more than what you can ever think, and yes you can.
2. You don’t need to be working on your dream right now
Feel free to disappoint and be disappointed – it only means you’re aware how much you can do better. You still have a lot to fail. But there are bigger things ahead of you.
3. Everyone fucks up
We all have big mistakes. But not everyone decides to talk about it. That’s why most of us believe that we’re the only ones who encounter them. Hence, it all matters who decides to survive
4. Online is almost as never IRL
Com’on. This is too cliche already. Your online aesthetic doesn’t equate the way you are as a person in real life. Be more than what you curate online.
5. No need to figure out everything
Or else your whole life will be boring. The challenges makes your life more interesting. The thrills and adventures keeps your blood rushing. And there’s no point living the life to the fullest if you aren’t from below or above. You have forever to let everything fall into place.
6. We always crave for more
And I’m pretty sure it’s fine. The more we have, the more we want. The things that you don’t have are always better than the things you do but hey, this is only one way of making you more grateful of the things that you do
7. No pressure for commitment
Your timeline floods you with either new born baby photos or even wedding vows as you scroll down, every family reunion traps to endless questions on when are you settling down, or worse, why are still single? You’re not alone. You have the ocean of singles for you to choose from and you currently are in the state of being busy preparing for the right one.
8. It’s fine not to like everyone
And be liked by everyone.  You don’t have to have a reason. As long as you don’t treat them ill and you behave on your own.
9. Risk as much as you can
It’s scary, yes. But it feels more insane thinking about the things that could’ve happen. Make mistakes as you risk, fail if you may but don’t ever regret something you’ve never done. Missed opportunities are the worst.
10. Spend some time alone
No matter how much of a social butterfly you are, you’ll always need some time alone, to enjoy your own personal space, to enjoy the silence, a time to be shut off from everything for once. You needed that to reflect and make better decisions.
11. Your achievements aren’t as gold as you’re seeing it
Let’s face the reality. Not all people will be glad for what you’ve become. Not all are willing to comfort you in your sadness, some of them just listen to gain a story to tell
12. Be selfish
Yourself before everyone. No one has to rescue yourself at the end of the day except you.
13. Read more
You’re never too old to learn
14. When things get rough, humor it
Laughing off your problems can give you less wrinkles. Whether it’s your fault or not, that’s the way it is. Move on, solve the problem, smile.
15. Reinvent yourself
HAHAHA I’ve been known to have possessed a number of images from a timid young girl to claiming strong independent woman real quick. Whatever you may be, be yourself. Don’t let other people dictate your style
16. Time will heal
There are these moments when you feel like you wanted to end the agony right now, but fast forward to a year later, you eventually forget how the hell it hurts already. I remember crying over not coming to concerts of DJs/ bands I adore but after they come back a year later, I feel like I’m not required to go anymore.
17. He’s not worth it
If he is, you will be skipping this number
18. Focus on important things
Only spend time and money on important things and people. Try this rule I made for myself: only buy clothes when you’ve got an upcoming event or travel, that way you will be able to control and limit what are the ONLY items you need to buy
19. Avoid routines
If there’s a thing or two I’ve learned from my Philosophy class way back in college, it’s to stay away from routines. The moment you realize your life is becoming a routine, that’s the time you ponder that you stopped growing. Get out from your daily routines and start doing something new
20. Leave your bed
As much as you are glued to roll all day, leave. There are greater things outside your bedroom. Your bed is entitled to make you think everything but do nothing. So go out and explore what it feels like outside
21. Be alive and real when you’re in front of people
People who uses their cellphone, earphones and doing something while you are talking are insensitive. Don’t be that person
22. Widen your connections
Be friends with everyone, but stay close to a small circle. Other people may not want you in their life entirely, so it’s better not to be attached easily
23. Do, don’t say
Never believe words that doesn’t equate actions. While it’s easier, you’re pushing yourself into a trap of believing something that could happen but will never do
24. Keep mum about your next move
Synonymous to number 23, just let things be. Don’t announce and then deciding not to do it. Let them see, not hear. Make yourself more credible of your actions
How about you, what thoughts can you share to me as you age?

15 thoughts on “24 reasons I found in 24 years

  1. Suria Amanda says:

    In age 39 year, i’ve found that i’m more independent, more responsible in all my future undertaking..somehow always think if i can turn back time..too many things to achieve..too many target…

  2. Emily says:

    24 is still so young. Soon, you will realise that not everything will turn out the way you want them to. In any case, do what you love and be happy no matter what.

    • chamtanteras says:

      I totally agree! I used to think I have everything figured out but life’s way better unpredictable. Thank you!

  3. Yana says:

    I relate to no.7 so badly, it’s insane…hahahha

    Well, for me, it would be do good things for yourself and others but don’t hope for anything in return.

  4. Shivani says:

    Happy 24th dear and all the best in what you would want to achieve. Things will always have a way in working out in time, so enjoy it to the fullest.

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